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What Customers Are Saying

“Over the years at the various airports I have worked at or with, I regularly implemented the 'basics' of airport concessions that I learned early on from Kathleen. She has continued to be a great source of information regarding airport concession trends bringing the perspectives of airport concessionaires as well as concession program management throughout the years. I believe any airport concession program would be served well by engaging Kathleen's skills and judgment.”
Susan Warner Dooley
Airport Industry Professional
“The world of Airport Concessions is very unique and extremely challenging. Having a partner like Airport Consulting Inc. is a ‘Must Have’ for a growing airport business venture.”
Former Director, Business Development,
Chris Shepherd for Project Horizon dba InMotion Entertainment
“Of all the investments we chose to make in starting our business, partnering with Airport Consulting Inc. was one of the best.

Airport Consulting has been the key to getting access to the decision makers for airport retail spaces.”

Jason Walthall,
former Chief Financial Officer,
Taste Inc., dba Vino Volo
“Airport Consulting, Inc. was instrumental in working with us to select and pursue the best possible leasing opportunities in the airport concessions world. As a direct result of AC's knowledge of the airport retail industry, we introduced our innovative concept to key airport management leaders at multiple airports, leading to our first store opening at Dulles International Airport in the fall of 2005, and along with a strong pipeline of new store opportunities at other airports.”
Doug Tomlinson, CEO and Founder,
Taste Inc., dba Vino Volo
“Airport Consulting, Inc. assisted PDX staff to successfully pitch its vision for a new travel retail concept, to concession industry players who then competed to win the opportunity to launch their vision. Launching a new concept is a difficult process. Kathleen's assistance in setting concept parameters and evaluating proposals made her a valuable asset to the PDX team.”
Jeanne Raikoglo,
Portland International Airport (PDX) Concessions Manager thru May 2002
“When in 2016, as First Deputy Commissioner for the Chicago Department of Aviation we needed outside experts to serve on our evaluation panel for the Midway Concession Program, I sought out Kathleen. As expected, based on her substantial industry experience and exposure, she was quickly an important member of the evaluation committee contributing her rapid assessment and systematic analytical skills, combined with her strong communications and collaborative approach.”
Susan Warner Dooley
Airport Industry Professional