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Viewer and User Information Gathered, its Restrictions and Use
All readers, clients and users of our Website are governed by our most current Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions as displayed at Kbairportconsulting.com and subject to any damage limitations, dispute arbitration, and application of the law of the state of California. By your use and viewing of Kbairportconsulting.com or contracting with Airport Consulting, Inc. (AC) to perform services, you are accepting AC's privacy policy and practices as described below.

Information You Provide to Access Website to Obtain Services or Content
Like most websites we use "cookies" to obtain certain types of information when your web browser connects with Kbairportconsulting.com. We will not be able to provide you with quick access to publications published periodically if we cannot recognize you, should you choose to disable our collection of "cookies" when you visit or access Kbairportconsulting.com anonymously.

Any information you enter or provide at Kbairportconsulting.com is received and stored. It is your choice to not provide certain information, and in doing so, may create more steps for you to take to receive the services, future products or information you desire.

Privacy and Confidentiality of Reader and Client Information
AC does not sell information received from readers or clients to others - regardless of whether the information is collected at Kbairportconsulting.com and/or obtained from performing client services.

Except to comply with law or without the consent of AC's client or reader, AC shall not disclose or use any of client or reader confidential information which may be acquired by AC, provided by client or reader or developed in connection with AC's Services. Such Confidential Information shall be protected by AC as confidential; however, such confidential information may be used by AC while performing services for client or reader, and disclosed to the extent necessary for the performance of those services. AC's limited use and disclosure of such information shall not impair the trade secret status of the confidential information.

AC and client agree that all data and materials including, without limitation; designs, drawings, reports, blueprints, calculations, specifications, formulas, processes, and computer databases, etc., developed or otherwise generated by AC in the performance of work delivered to client pursuant to any Kbairportconsulting.com Agreement or other AC Agreement, shall be protected by client as confidential information of both parties and shall not be disclosed by client to any third person without the prior written consent of AC. AC shall retain copies of its work product which protected as confidential information of both parties.

The parties' obligations respecting confidential information and work product shall survive any termination or expiration of any client agreement.

Protection During Transmission of Credit Card Information
We protect the security of your information during transmission through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you enter. Only the last five digits of your credit card number are used when confirming a service order. The entire credit card number is transmitted to the appropriate credit card company during service order processing.

When using a shared computer please remember it is always a good security practice to sign-off when you've finished an online credit card transaction.

E-Mail Communication
AC will not charge your credit card until we've confirmed with your authorized representatives AC's scope of work, payment schedule, form of payment and performance schedule via e-mail and phone. All email communication is documented, stored and filed. No services will be performed until confirmation of credit card information, as well as e-mail and phone confirmation of work, pay and performance schedule has been satisfactorily completed.

Any surveys conducted from Kbairportconsulting.com are on an opt-in basis only. All survey instruments, data collected, and analysis are confidential and proprietary to AC.

We also send via e-mail notice of new product information or changes to our services or Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use at Kbairportconsulting.com.

If you do not want to receive such e-mail notices or other mail from us, please tell us at feedback@kbairportconsulting.com. All readers, clients and users of our Website are governed by our most current Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use displayed at Kbairportconsulting.com, and subject to any damage limitations, dispute arbitration, and application of the law of the state of California.

Do you have questions about our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use at Kbairportconsulting.com? Please email info@kbairportconsulting.com.