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Insight into what works … and why

Kathleen Boyd is the founder and principal consultant of Airport Consulting Incorporated - serving the airport industry since 1993, working with public and private sector clients at over 50 airports located in North America. She has worked with large, medium, and small airport owners to grow retail, food and beverage, advertising, rental car, and specialty retail programs for over 20 years. Since 1996, she has sharpened her expertise by assisting retailers, advertising providers, and others win contracts at airports located throughout North America.

Ms. Boyd works with clients and their consultants to:

  • maximize opportunity in existing operations,
  • secure new opportunities,
  • reposition, downsize, or expand market penetration.

Work includes facilitating relationships with airlines, developers, retailers, and airports to access decision-makers, and foster industry-wide partnerships, recognition, and awards. Her work has resulted in over 100 contract awards plus multiple industry recognition-awards for clients and their associates.

Kathleen's key strength is her ability to introduce sustainable innovation into the commercial airport marketplace - supported by her relationships with airport sector executives, and her in-depth understanding of the airport environment's ever-changing needs and complex requirements. Read More About Kathleen's Work